The 2022 Winners

THE WORKLLAMA Client Service Award

Judges’ Comment:Judges praised Sevenstep for showing innovation and thinking outside the box to show impactful changes, and clearly articulating how they added value in every aspect.


Judges’ Comment: Judges especially praised AMS for how they delivered a successful transformational project by precisely deploying technology to the clients’ critical area of need and supporting their entry with great metrics.

The Best New Talent Solutions Provider of The Year Award

Judges’ Comment: BPS showed a range of innovative approaches to tackle numerous operational issues and demonstrated exceptional customer service to their growing customer base.

The Omni Inclusive ESG Award

Judges’ Comment: The judges felt this entry had real impact, supported by a mature approach to a relatively new area, in turn driving credible results across practical activities such as recycling drives, tree planting, and more strategic activities such as better governance, and employee education.

The Best Talent Attraction Strategy Award

Judges’ Comment: Judges praised them for their compelling story, showing a methodical approach and capitalising on their use of data.

The Women Back To Work DE&I Award

Judges’ Comment: Judges praised this entry for being a genuine game-changer. Their Recruitment Inclusivity Audit, is an important tool in helping employers drive more effective DE&I.

The 1099Policy Long-term Partnership Award

Judges’ Comment: The judges were impressed with their significant growth and how they showed value to the end client.


Judges’ Comment: The judges felt that Sevenstep showed high retention in a competitive market and a genuine employee driven culture.

The lifetime achievement award

Judges’ Comment: “It must be said that Bruce is one of the most affable, engaging, and thoughtful executives who have dedicated their career to advancing the role of recruitment outsourcing and he’s clearly not finished yet.”

Ken Brotherston, Chief Executive, TALiNT Partners.

The Talent Solutions Provider of the Year

Judges’ Comment: Judges felt AMS had delivered Innovation, engagement and clarity of message consistently where it mattered most.